Lisbon Flavours

Discover the best that the gastronomy in Lisbon has to offer.
Sit at a table in one of our restaurants and bars or check out a local restaurant, from the typical pubs to the prized restaurants that serve international cuisine.

  • Hotels in Lisbon

    • Impulso Restaurant

      Restaurant - The Editory Riverside, an Historic Hotel

      A refined and sober (never austere) atmosphere, an elegant host to travellers, designed for citizens of the World, Lisbon lovers, and anyone enjoying Portugal and wishing to discover a city with history. 

      • 122 seats
      • Fun Dining
      • Cocktail Bar
      Editory Riverside Hotel 4 Min
  • Pastéis de Belém pastry

    After eating the first you will want more. A crispy moment of delicious creamy egg pastry.











    Pasteis Belem Min
  • BIFANA Min

    Pork steak in bread (Bifana)

    The most typical Portuguese sandwich of pork meat seasoned with spices and garlic, mostly savoured as a snack with a cool beer. The Bifana is so popular that you will find it countrywide.











  • Bacalhau à Brás cod with matchstick potatoes and scrambled eggs

    Cod is THE Portuguese fish. It can be cooked in hundreds of different ways and it is possible to have it every day without repeating the recipe. One of the most traditional cod dishes is Bacalhau à Brás - shredded cod with scrambled eggs, olives, and matchstick potatoes.









    Bacalhau À Bras Min

    Shellfish rice (Arroz de marisco)

    The long Atlantic coast means Portugal is abundant in fresh shellfish. One of the must-try seafood dishes in Lisbon is Arroz de Marisco, seafood rice prepared with typical Portuguese seasoning, i.e. garlic and piripiri. It generally includes crab, clams, shrimp and mussels and has much more sauce than the Spanish paella. If you like seafood your adventure into the local gastronomy should start here!








  • Grilled octopus in olive oil and garlic (Polvo à lagareiro)

    The octopus is another popular mollusc in Lisbon. One of the favourites is Polvo à Lagareiro. The fresh tentacles are grilled in olive oil, seasoned with salt and garlic, with grilled potatoes on the side. It is a simple recipe that extracts all of the freshness of the sea.











    POLVO Min