Pleasure, discovery, relaxation, enjoyment and tasting. Travel through national flavors and taste the best products from each location in the great gastronomic creations of our Chefs. From light meals to relaxed tastings, each moment is like a postcard that is kept with a smile and transports us to places that are old or distant.

  • Hotels in Porto

    • Auge Porto Restaurant

      Get ready to enter a new dimension.

      AUGE is synonymous with plenitude. It is the culmination of a journey with so much to discover in the aromas, flavours, colours, shapes, texture and the expression of a rare and precious art of surprising.

      • 30 Seats
      • Chefe André Silva
      • Cellaret
      • Sommelier Rodolfo Tristão
      • Cocktail Bar
      • Mixologist Pedro Paulo
      • 360 view of the city
      Gastronomia Auge Porto
    • Porto Palácio_HUB Gastrobar

      HUB Gastrobar

      Bar - Porto Palácio by The Editory

      Check the open hours at the hotel reception.

      Informal, relaxed and contemporary concept.

    • Madruga Restaurant

      Restaurant - Porto Palácio by The Editory
    • ARTIST PORTO Restaurante A Escola (2)

      A Escola by The Artist

      Restaurant - The Editory Artist Baixa

      At dinner, surprising is the key word for Chef and his students, authentic Food Artists, who work with the flavors of the time. Art is made at the moment and the surprise remains throughout the meal. The Chef creates, the experiences add up and the Work of art is born.

      • Bistro
      • Signature cuisine, international
      • Chef Hugo Dias
      • 27 seats
      • Surprise Tasting Menus
      • Vegetarian Options
    • B'Artist

      Bar - The Editory Artist Baixa

      A bar is not limited to space and the B'Artist is made of a menu of original cocktails, surprising snacks and a charisma of a place with experiences. B'Artist breathes art while creating ways to appreciate it. The sympathy and commitment of a team that seeks to” learn every day to do more and better “translate into pleasant experiences.

      • Art
      • Intimate and relaxed atmosphere
      • Snacks
      • Cocktail menu
      • 20 seats
      • Terrace
      The Editory Artist_B' Artist
    • The Editory House_Bar (4)

      The House Bar

      The House Bar tells the story of Port Wine served in a glass of aromas and sensations chosen from more than 60 Charter references. 

      • Cafeteria
      • Snacks
      • Daily suggestions
      • 42 seats
      • OPorto wine list
    • Homemade Breakfast

      The feeling that we are at home is present in every detail of the informal, relaxed and familiar decor.
      The Editory House offers a varied breakfast each day, with different types of bread, natural fruit juices, and the comfort of homemade delicacies with the flavor of the region.
      Bread pudding, sponge cake, queijadas are some of the delights that will make your day even more special.

      • Local Products
      • Homemade
      • Extended hours
      • Buffet
      The Editory House_Pequeno-Almoço
    • Ilícitoporto Restaurante (9)

      Ilícito Restaurant

      An intimate, relaxed and, at the same time, disruptive atmosphere.

      Ilícito Restaurant is a mixture of strong colors with sober notes, but it is also a symbiosis of works of art and sensations.

      • Chef André Silva
      • Signature cuisine, bistro
      • 95 seats
      • Terrace by the pool
  • Hotels in Lisbon

    • Impulso Restaurant

      Restaurant - The Editory Riverside Santa Apolónia

      A refined and sober (never austere) atmosphere, an elegant host to travellers, designed for citizens of the World, Lisbon lovers, and anyone enjoying Portugal and wishing to discover a city with history. 

      • 122 seats
      • Chef André Silva
      • Fun Dining
      • Cocktail Bar
      Editory Riverside Hotel 4 Min
  • Hotels in Troia

    • AQUALUZ TROIA LAGOA Restaurante Salicornia

      Salicórnia Restaurant

      Restaurant - The Editory By The Sea Troia

      Check the open hours at the hotel reception

      In an environment inspired by modern themes such as land, nature and homemade, enjoy with your family and choose to share dishes.

    • Salicórnia Bar

      Bar - The Editory By The Sea Troia

      Check the open hours at the hotel reception.

      The By The Sea bar is a space designed for relaxed breaks, with a menu of snacks and drinks that invites you to enjoy the hotel lobby.


    • GASTRONOMIA AQUALUZ TROIA Mar E Rio Italiano (2)

      Italian ristorante

      Restaurant - Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio by the Editory

      Currently, only take away available.

      Check the open hours at the hotel reception. Available for take-away

      In a rustic and cozy atmosphere, where wood, aromatic herbs and Mediterranean savors are present, you can enjoy with your family a menu with an Italy taste.

      • Italian
      • Take away pizzas
      • Lunch and dinner services
      • Children menus
      • 106 seats
      • Esplanade
    • Azimute Restaurant

      Restaurant - Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio by the Editory

      Check the open hours at the hotel reception.

      The Azimute restaurant, in addition to providing a tasty start to the day with a buffet breakfast, also ensures lunch and dinner in buffet service or à la carte.

      • Thematic buffets
      • Breakfast, lunch and dinner services
      • 166 seats
      • Deck
      Gastronomia Aqualuz Troia Mar E Rio Azimute Banner
    • AQUALUZ TROIA Mar E Rio Bar Atrium

      Atrium Bar

      Bar - Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio by the Editory

      Check the open hours at the hotel reception.

      The Atrium bar is a space designed for relaxed breaks, with a snacks and drinks menu that invites you to enjoy the hotel lobby between arrivals from the beach or dips in the pool. After lunch in the company of a book, before dinner to sip a cocktail. Alone, two or in Family.

      • Snacks
      • Drinks
      • Ice cream
      • 52 seats
    • Pool Bar

      Bar - Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio by the Editory

      Check the open hours at the hotel reception.

      Enjoy a menu with grills, hamburgers and fresh salads next to the Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio Pool.

      • Snacks
      • Cocktails
      • Roasted chicken take away service
      • 191 seats
      • Deck
      • Esplanade
  • Hotels in Lagos

    • AQUALUZ LAGOS Snack Bar

      La Terrazza Restaurant

      Restaurant - Aqualuz Lagos by the Editory

      All Day Dining

      Located by the pool, the Snack Bar is designed for relaxed breaks. Enjoy light and fresh options, with a variety of snacks and drinks.