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Who we are

Editory Collection Hotels is a brand that stands out for creating hotels that care about serving guests, but also cater for a contemporary experience and a unique lifestyle. This is the community era. The era of collaboration, cooperation, communication. This is a brand for the present time.

We ARE the place where we are

experiences with

Created by a group of people who cherish progressive values and are closely connected to communities, Editory is a collection founded on 4 pillars: Local, Art, Sustainability and Hospitality.

From designing dream buildings to recovering historical heritage, from the principles of modern hospitality to the integration of a cultural setting and creative surroundings. The Editory is a new approach for hosting and entertaining demanding guests. A collection with its own curatorship of unique experiences and memorable stays.

with the same
personality pattern

A hotel collection with atmospheres, designed for different moods and various stages of life, exhaling the local soul in every environment.

Each Editory is unique and has a distinctive environment. Hotels where all elements reflect life and the singular destination of where they are found, with experiences that blend into the surroundings.

  • Boulevard

    I am the avenue of indulgence

    • Cosmopolitan
    • Boutique Hotel
    • Modern
    • Charm
  • Editorygarden Details 176


    I am the conversation with the plants

    • Garden
    • Relaxation
    • Elegance
    • Sharing
  • Artist

    I am the missing piece

    • Art
    • Modern
    • History
    • Creativity
    Artist0218 1
  • Foto Quem Somos HOUSE1


    I am the streets I lose myself in

    • Cosmopolitan
    • Urban
    • Historical
    • Authentic
  • Riverside

    I am the driver of history

    • River
    • History
    • Vintage
    • Retro Style
  • Aqualuz Lagoa Banner3

    By The Sea

    I am what the wave will tell me

    • Sun & Sea
    • Nature
    • Modern
    • Art
"This story is not mine. It belongs to those who believe in this project and who share with me the will to make it grow…"
Belmiro Mendes de Azevedo Founder