Aqualuz Troia Lagoa Suite T1 (6)

The Editory Hotels

The Editory Collection Hotels: where all elements reflect life and the singular destination of where they meet, with experiences that blend into the surroundings.

The Editory

Hotels with different atmospheres, designed for different states of mind and different states of life.



  • Porto

    • Porto Palácio by The Editory


      Porto Palácio is the access to exclusivity, where a collection of contemporary art is as natural as the best 360º view of the city.

      Porto Palácio is choosing to arrive at AUGE for a tasting, crossing the street to buy a unique piece of clothing or dedicating time to well being in a world class SPA.

      Porto Palácio is to face each sunrise with the best, to desire more than the obvious, to demand never less than the exceptional.

      • 251 Rooms
      • 1 Restaurant with panoramic views
      • 1 Bar
      • 11 Meeting Rooms
      • 1 Congress Center
      • SPA
      • At Avenida da Boavista (Metro 10 min. walk)
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      Porto Palácio_Quartos II
    • The Editory Artist_Quarto twin

      The Editory Artist


      The Editory Artist is that undefined feeling of being special because you are in the middle of something unique.

      The Editory Artist is the attention to detail that life continues to reveal.

      The Editory Artist never explains the absolute feeling of belonging to a time when beauty reigns.

      The Editory Artist challenges the more serene spirit to find the inner side of the bohemian.

      • 17 Rooms
      • 1 Restaurant
      • 1 Bar
      • 3 Meeting Rooms
      • 10 min. from historic center (on foot)
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    • The Editory House


      The Editory House is the return to the place where we are happy. Knowing what is in the air, even though we know everything new.

      The Editory House is the night that never ends because nobody ever tells you the time, but that serves us what is needed at the right time.

      The Editory House is the certainty that each path goes its own way, just believe in it to find out.

      The Editory House is like being halfway between history and everything that can happen in one day.

      • 56 Rooms
      • 1 Restaurant / bar
      • Mobile Concierge
      • Homemade breakfast
      • In the historic center
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      The Editory House_Quarto Premium (1)
  • Lisboa

    • Santa Apolonia Projecto (2)

      The Editory Riverside


      The Editory Riverside is traveling through time without losing the sense of contemporaneity.

      The Editory Riverside sits on the edge of romanticism, close to the water, where a thousand dreams float.

      The Editory Riverside takes a different journey, remembered by the events of the moment.

      The Editory Riverside is like being in a movie where all the actors are real.

      • Bedrooms
      • 1 Restaurant
      • 1 Bar
      • Meeting rooms
      • Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pool
      • By the river.
      • 10 min walk from the historic center
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  • Troia

    • Aqualuz Troia Lagoa by The Editory


      Aqualuz Troia Lagoa is burying your feet in the sand or allowing your mind roam freely.

      Aqualuz Troia Lagoa, where nothing is the same, but everything changes slowly. The clouds pretend they do not exist. The wind shapes sculptures that are as ephemerous as attention.

      Aqualuz Troia Lagoa is staying or leaving later. Time takes us to the memory of forgotten flavours just to remind us of how much we missed them.

      Aqualuz Troia Lagoa, where there is always someone looking for messages in bottles washed ashore or treasures in the sand.

      • 132 apartments
      • 1 restaurant
      • 1 bar
      • 2 meeting rooms
      • 1 heated indoor swimming-pool
      • 1 outdoor swimming-pool
      • Beach 10 min walk.
      • Nature, water and cultural activities
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      Aqualuz Troia Lagoa Estudio Vista Mar (3)
    • Aqualuz Troia By the Editory - Suite T1 Premium

      Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio by the Editory


      Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio is a shelter in paradise, nature setting the pace of every breath, and the sea singing in every wave wishes of evasion.

      Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio is where our fingers touch the sky that merges different shades of blue in our eyes.

      Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio is natural for all who love nature and blend in with it, celebrating each point of contact.

      Aqualuz Troia Mar & Rio is family, laughter, freedom.

      • 242 apartments
      • 2 restaurants
      • 2 bars
      • 3 meeting rooms
      • 1 auditorium
      • 1 event centre
      • 1 heated indoor swimming-pool
      • 1 outdoor swimming-pool
      • Baby corner (0-3 years)
      • Kids Club - Sazonal (4-12 years)
      • Fun Club (+ 12 years)
      • Spa
      • Fitness centre
      • Beach 5 minute walk.
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    • Troia Residence by The Editory


      Troia Residence is an attitude.

      Troia Residence is a private and reserved decision in a dream environment.

      Troia Residence is an apartment or a villa, a beach, a marina, nature.

      Troia Residence is combining the comfort of a private apartment and the advantages and facilities of a hotel.

      • Apartments
        • Praia
        • Marina
        • Ácala
      • Beach houses
      • Beach 2minute walk
      • Nature, water and cultural activities
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      TROIA RESIDENCE Apartamentos Ácala (4)
  • Lagos

    • Foto Hotéis AQUALUZ LAGOS3

      Aqualuz Lagos by the Editory


      Aqualuz Lagos is welcoming, family, fun.

      Aqualuz Lagos is the perfect holidays in one of Algarve’s most beautiful cities.

      Aqualuz Lagos is diving in a blue swimming pool before eating grilled fish, it is the colorful refreshment after a dip in the sea. Aqualuz Lagos is sharing moments before the sun sets, games for 8 to 80 year old in a perfect setting.

      • 177 Guest rooms
      • 2 restaurants
      • 1 bars
      • 4 meeting rooms
      • 2 heated indoor swimming-pool
      • 2 outdoor swimming-pool
      • Kids Club (sazonal)
      • Game room
      • Health Club
      • 600m from the closest beach
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