Ribeira - Porto

The Editory House is a return to the place where we are happy.
The Editory House is the night that never ends because nobody ever tells you the time.
The Editory House is like being halfway between history and everything that can happen in one day.


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    Home Made Breakfast

    The feeling that we are at home is present in every detail of the informal, relaxed and familiar decor.

    The Editory House offers a varied breakfast every day, with different types of bread, natural fruit juices, and the comfort of homemade delicacies with the flavor of the region.

    Bread pudding, sponge cake, queijadas are some of the delights that will make your day even more special.

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    The old Porto Balleteatro School

    Founded in 1983, the Balleteatro do Porto played an important role in the construction of an artistic community for contemporary performing arts that until then did not exist.
    Having creation as its fundamental area, it created the first contemporary dance company in Porto, and today has a vast repertoire.
    Inhabited the building that today is the home of the Editory House, leaving in the corridors the artistic irreverence of what became the first Professional Dance School in the country.

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    Destination Porto

    World Heritage site by UNESCO

    In the heart of Ribeira, one of the oldest and most typical places in the city of Porto, the Editory House is the starting point for discovering the Historic Center of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the heritage of the City.
    Like someone who receives a visiting friend, our team opens the doors to the city and shows you corners to discover.

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    The "Margens do Douro" by Pedro Vaz

    A trip through the Douro served as an inspiration to the artist. Two paintings, 12m wide, depict the two banks of the Douro River, in a still virgin place in Porto de Rei, seen from the center of the river, by boat, at water level.
    The north bank, constituted by imposing stones of cold tones and the south bank, marked by a diversified vegetation of warm and green tones.

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