Cozy and comforting flavors, in a relaxed atmosphere like someone who comes home at the end of the day.
The tradition of Port Wine combined with the modernity of cocktails, accompanied by delicious flavors to share.

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    • The House Bar

      The House Bar tells the story of Port Wine served in a glass of aromas and sensations chosen from more than 60 Charter references. 

      • Cafeteria
      • Snacks
      • Daily suggestions
      • 42 seats
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      The Editory House_Bar (4)
    • The Editory House_Pequeno-Almoço

      Homemade Breakfast

      The feeling that we are at home is present in every detail of the informal, relaxed and familiar decor.
      The Editory House offers a varied breakfast each day, with different types of bread, natural fruit juices, and the comfort of homemade delicacies with the flavor of the region.
      Bread pudding, sponge cake, queijadas are some of the delights that will make your day even more special.

      • Local Products
      • Homemade
      • Extended hours
      • Buffet