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The Editory Artist is the undefined feeling of being special.
The Editory Artist is the attention to detail.
The Editory Artist is that absolute feeling of belonging to a time when beauty reigns.
The Editory Artist challenges the more serene spirit to find the inner bohemian side.


  • ARTIST Homepage ARTE

    A building with history

    After the iconic “Royal and Imperial Steam Headgear” in the 19th century, the building gives way, in 1927, to the talent of students and teachers of the renowned Soares dos Reis Artistic School, an unavoidable reference in the art world and in the collective memory of Porto

  • Artist Homepage GASTRONOMIA Min

    A Escola by The Artist

    A Escola Restaurant

    Surprising is the purpose of every meal prepared by Chef Hugo Dias and the students of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Porto, authentic Food Artists, who invest their knowledge and dedication in the preparation of the delicacies that make up the surprise menus, designed to awaken all the senses.

  • Artist Homepage ESCOLA Min

    A School. A Hotel.

    The only school hotel in the north of the country allows each guest to participate in the training plan for students of the Porto School of Hotels and Tourism, either in the exclusive restaurant “A Escola by The Artist” where Chef Hugo Dias daily surprises the palate with unrivaled culinary creations, whether in the creative bar service provided by B’Artist designed for discerning globetrotters.

  • Artist Homepage BOUTIQUE HOTEL (1) Min


    Today, The Artist Porto Hotel is the host in the art of the host, with 17 exclusive rooms that allow you to enjoy a contemporary ambience strongly marked by the artistic legacy of decoration, design, service details and concept inspiration. Located two steps from the heart of the city of Porto, the broad and minimalist lines of the building guarantee a distinct experience of comfort, in an authentic contemporary art gallery.

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