Stª Apolónia - Lisboa

Embark on a journey through history, marked by the rhythm of departures and arrivals, drawn in lines that extend to so many other points on the map.
The Editory Riverside is the gateway to a wharf of experiences that get lost between the skyline seen through the window and the paths that converge in one place with so many languages and accents mixed.


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    Art in the Hotel

    Art with Jordi Llorella

    Photographer Jordi Llorella was invited by Sonae Capital and by the Saraiva + Associados office to design a project for the Riverside hotel in Stª Apolónia in which emigration is the central theme of the intervention. The objective of the work was based on the registration of an architectural heritage of the stations and stopovers in Portugal. The big difference in this work is in the photography equipment itself - pinhole cameras made from the “symbolic object that are the cardboard bags” used by migrants. All the work can be consulted in the book that will be available at the hotel.

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    Building with history

    The Editory Riverside Hotel is located at the Stª Apolónia train station, one of the oldest train stations in the country and a transit point for millions of emigrants who in the sixties and seventies arrived and left for France or Germany in search of a life best. With all its legacy, this railway station, witness to great events in history and is an accomplice of affections and emotions that cannot be accommodated in suitcases. And that is how this hotel in Lisbon, The Editory Riverside Hotel is presented. A refined atmosphere, sober without being austere, elegant in its lightness as a hostess for travelers, designed for citizens of the world.

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    Destination Lisbon

    The city that enchants

    Lisbon is a historical city, an authentic capital, where old habits and century-old history intersect with cultural animation and technological innovation. Where the sun shines 290 days in the year and temperatures seldom drop below 15 ºC.


    On the way to sustainability

    The Editory Riverside is undergoing a BREEAM certification process, with the aim of obtaining the Very Good rating.

    All our hotels have practices that ensure effective and responsible environmental management, with special focus on issues related to the optimization of water and energy consumption, preservation and dissemination of the destination's natural values ​​and favor seasonal products from local producers in the majority of the catering spaces.

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