Art in the Hotel

Aimed at capturing the history of Portuguese railways, The Editory Collection Hotels invited photographer Jordi Llorella to portray some of Portugal's railway stations and platforms.

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    Jordi Llorella

    Born on 24th November 1977 in Barcelona, the Catalan artist specialises in pinhole photography, a method that uses a lensless camera, in this case built by hand, in the form of a light-proof box.

    During his journeys Jordi has visited some remote places, such as Palestine, Malaysia and Nagorno-Karabaj, and even went as far as settling in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest where he lived and worked in his studio for 7 years. Here he held multidisciplinary workshops related to subsistence economies. Although the artist is passionate about photography, he has also published several books, one being a Thai recipe book with Thai chef Yingsak from the same country.

  • Jordi Abreiro

    Mission: Cardboard Bags

    For several decades, Santa Apolónia was the only station from which travellers could depart the country, thus a key element in the history of emigration in Portugal. Jordi Llorella was invited to capture some of the more than 400 stations and platforms that make up Portugal's architectural heritage using asthenopia, the world's oldest photography technique.

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