Hotels in Viana


Through the narrow streets of a city nestled between the mountain and the sea, filled with genuine accents and decisive gestures, it is often said that “Viana is love”.

Among the concertina chords, the golden necklaces of the young women, the embroidered pockets, and the flowered aprons, the attire is a code of welcome to travelers, inviting them closer to the heart.

Throughout the year, there is also a pilgrimage of longing made by the people of the sea, offering the freshest fish with every dish. In the fields, the seasons of food are sown, seasoned with songs, traditions, and memories.

The city always exudes a tranquility typical of those who receive visitors. Here, eating is almost a religion, marked by Viana-style codfish or Natário’s Berliners, Vinho Verde, and regional sweets. All of city life converges in Praça da República, flowing through Praça da Erva, Praça da Liberdade, and Campo D’Agonia. Meandering between museums, passing by the Sá de Miranda Theatre, the Cultural Centre, or the Library. In the distance, the sea challenges sports enthusiasts with numerous competitions and leisure activities. Closer, there are endless beaches bathed by the sea and natural swimming pools.

Here, traditions do not get lost in time, making Viana a genuine territory to explore, where nature surrounds every moment.


How to Get There

  • Car

    • From Porto to Viana do Castelo

      • From Porto to Viana do Castelo, it will take approximately 1 hour.
      • Follow the A28 towards Viana do Castelo.
      • Take exit 23 on the A28 for Viana do Castelo.
      • Follow Av. 25 de Abril to Av. Cabo Verde.
    • From Lisbon to Viana do Castelo

      • Viana do Castelo is approximately 388km from Lisbon, a 4-hour journey.
      • Follow the A1 towards the North.
      • Take the exit towards Viana do Castelo on the A28.
      • Follow the A28 towards exit 23.
      • Follow Av. 25 de Abril to Av. de Cabo Verde.
    • From Algarve to Viana do Castelo

      • Driving from the Algarve to Viana do Castelo will take approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes.
      • Via the A2, heading towards the North of Portugal.
      • In Lisbon, take the A1 to Porto.
      • Take the exit towards Viana do Castelo on the A28.
      • Follow Av. 25 de Abril to Av. Cabo Verde.
  • Train

    • From the South or North of the country, you can easily reach Viana do Castelo via the Regional and Interregional lines.

    • Destination station - Viana do Castelo

  • Plane

    • 68 km / 47 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO)