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The Plastic

In recent years plastic became ever more ubiquitous in our daily lives - its properties provide for a wide range of uses - and in the environment poses growing, complex challenges for which we must find urgent answers. The proliferation of uses, the low sensitivity of the population to the impact generated by the inadequate disposal of plastic waste and the ineffectiveness of recycling policies and systems (either because of the low disposal rate or because, in many cases, it is difficult and costly to recycle) are some of the factors that contribute to this picture of environmental urgency.

Consequently, we will develop a response adapted to the context and geographies of each of the businesses, based on a single set of assumptions reflected in a Letter of Principles for Plastics, where we have laid down our priorities:

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    Recycled plastic

    In the Hospitality sector, 35% of the plastic footprint, approximately 10.5 tons, corresponds to garbage bags. These bags are made of recycled plastic (90%), they are recyclable and do not contain degrading oxides.

  • Refillable dispensers

    In the Hospitality business, 12% of the plastic footprint, approximately 3.5 tons, corresponds to amenities: cosmetics and bags.

    Transposing reuse models to Hospitality allowed us to address one of the main sources of disposable plastic use in early 2020: in the case of cosmetics we focused on reuse and adopted refillable dispensers. The end result was quite satisfactory since, thanks to the measure we use five times less plastic and reduced the part of single-use plastic significantly. As for amenity kits, we replaced them with recycled kraft paper solutions.

    Foto Site SUSTENTABILIDA PLASTICO Amenities Recarregáveis
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    Eliminating single-use plastics

    In 2019 several measures were applied across all offices of the Sonae Capital universe, related to the disposal of single-use plastics in BackOffice (namely plastic cups, bottles and plastic containers).

    Such actions helped to eliminate 2.2 tons of single-use plastic.

  • Training and awareness raising

    Training and awareness raising are paramount for implementing effectively the action plan. We invest in training our employees, and in raising the awareness of our customers for effective waste separation and processing.

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