Inequalities & Inclusive Development

Inequality and

We see inequality as one of the most complex and urgent social challenges of our times. A challenge which we can embrace as employers - we play an important role in creating skilled jobs, implementing policies to develop our human resources, and promoting diversity and inclusion - as well as being an active institution in the communities where we operate, by supporting various initiatives in the field of education.

In this context, we act to help reduce inequalities to a minimum and promote a fairer, more equitable and inclusive society, particularly in the following areas:

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    Promoting a diverse and inclusive organisation

    Considering our commitment in the Plan for Gender Equality, we have designed an action plan along the following lines:

    • Recruitment processes guided by non-discrimination policies
    • Meritocracy as the basis for evaluation and career advancement
    • In-house training schemes
    • Training for leadership positions
    • Balancing work, personal and family life
    • Protecting and promoting parenthood policies
    • Employee awareness
  • Parenthood and work

    Respect for parental leave is a priority for Sonae Capital. In one of the most important moments in an employee's personal life, the Group makes sure it entirely respects the right to maternity and paternity leave, providing all the necessary support and conditions so that the employee's priority is with his or her family.

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    Development of our staff

    Acknowledgement and meritocracy: We promote meritocracy, where the outstanding performance and contributions of our employees and teams is supported by recognition processes and tools. We are committed to ensuring our employees are paid fairly and both personal and professional progress are based on meritocracy.


    Training and development: We invest in training and development, because only in this way can we develop our employees personally and professionally, focusing in parallel on expanding the necessary skills for developing our units.


The first in Portugal, the Programme Contact was launched in 1986 with the mission to attract and engage young talents.

The program is aimed at young people with high potential, last year students and newly-graduates of bachelor's or master's degrees from any area of training, and offers these young professionals the chance to explore different opportunities and enjoy all sorts of professional experiences in any of the wide range of businesses that make up the Group.

Simultaneously, it seeks to consolidate the longstanding, strategic relationship the Group enjoys with Universities, thus continuing to strengthen the ties between academia and the labour market.

Special Needs

The special needs project was implemented in the late 2020s across all the Group’s companies. It aims at accelerating the inclusion of people with differences into our companies. Against the backdrop of a core challenge for the development of an inclusive work environment, we intend to move quickly and make joint efforts to improve the lives of people with special needs. of these talented and certainly highly resilient people.