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Nature & Biodiversity

Biodiversity Conservation

The fact that all our business units depend strongly on the natural capital and they can either directly or indirectly change or destroy natural habitats has us view issues related to the protection of nature and biodiversity as very important matters.

Thus, our mission is to structure a transversal policy for Biodiversity Conservation and set objectives and goals to be achieved on behalf of nature.


    Troia Peninsula

    Since its inception, our business on the Troia peninsula is where nature conservation and promotion of biodiversity have received the most attention.

    Troia peninsula is in a territory surrounded by the values of Nature: habitats of plant and bird species with special protection status, the uniqueness of its landscape around the Caldeira lagoon and the morphology of the dunes that dominate the territory. The management measures implemented over 20 years ago have allowed the territory to be reclassified and to enhance the current habitats. The consolidation of the dune system is a clear illustration of this.