Porto Palácio SPA

The perfect urban retreat with a unique atmosphere designed to offer a complete experience of tranquility.


Through an offer that combines health, beauty and wellness services you can perfectly adjust the old traditions and the most contemporary trends in health and beauty rituals.

A holistic and multisensory approach that allows you to achieve the perfect balance between body and mind.



Dynamic hydrotherapy circuit.

Consisting of Pool, Jacuzzi, water jets, shower sensations, Swiss shower, water beds, hammam, lacônium, and relaxation zone that helps in relieving muscle tension and eliminating toxins.

Stay for a maximum of 90 minutes.


Access - 35 €

Access to Hotel Guests - 20 €

  • Indoor

  • Turkish

  • Sauna

  • Jacuzzi

  • Treatment


All Spa treatments are based on the benefits of aromatherapy to provide an immediate sense of mental and physical well-being, helping to balance the frenzy of modern life, relieving stress and improving the quality of rest.


Enjoy our special and exclusive package that we have prepared for you. Relax and renew your energy with our monthly spa offer!

April Offer

    • Face and body skin regeneration treatment, beginning with body scrub and facial cleansing and exfoliation, followed by hydromassage for two and multivitamin facial mask with nourishing action; relaxing massage for the perfect ending.

      Duration: 110 minutes

    • Includes 75-minute Tranquillity Massage and 25-minute Express Facial for the couple.

      Duration: 100 minutes

      *Lunch or Dinner at the Auge Restaurant optional

    • Includes a massage with essential oils for a unique and relaxing experience, topped off with a few minutes of special facial care.

      Duration: 50 or 70 minutes

  • Massage Rituals

    • Aromatherapy massage using amaranth, grape, rose and vanilla essential oils for deep relaxation and well-being.

      Duration: 50 or 75 minutes

    • Massage for mothers-to-be to relieve back tension, reduce leg and foot swelling, improve sleep and help increase skin elasticity, preventing stretch marks.

      Duration: 50 or 75 minutes

    • Massage that uses thermotherapy techniques with volcanic basalt stones for intense relaxation, unblocking, and normalization of the energy flow.

      Duration: 50 to 75 minutes

    • Strong and deep massage with techniques that help prevent muscle injuries, promoting the elimination of lactic acid from the muscles.

      Duration: 50 or 75 minutes

    • It relaxes, relieves and activates circulation and detoxification of the body with stimulations of cell renewal with deep drainage techniques used with bamboo.

      Duration: 50 or 75 minutes

    • Body massage with fragrance oil, inspired on oriental techniques, through slow pressure and stretching movements to help reduce muscle spasms and tension in depth.

      Duration: 50 minutes

    • Very gentle manual lymphatic drainage, which promotes lymph flow to carry all toxins and liquid build-up to the lymph nodes for a prolonged sense of well-being.

      Duration: 50 minutes

    • Massage that applies some pressure for relieving muscle spasms and accumulated tension in the muscle area needing attention.

      Duration: 25 minutes

    • Relaxing massage with circular motion and digital point pressure applied to the head, face, neck and shoulders for a sensation of prolonged comfort and well-being.

      Duration: 25 minutes

  • Acqua Treatments

    • Antioxidant protection therapy to regenerate and invigorate tissue cells by exfoliating the body, followed by hydro-massage and chromotherapy, completed with a body wrap of green walnut extract and organic tamanu oil. Relaxing massage with Vitamin E, Centella Asiatica and Sweet Almond oil-based massage to end.

      Duration: 110 minutes

    • Dive in an ocean of fragrances with a body scrub, followed by an aromatic hydromassage with blend of essential Basil, Anise, Cypress and Mandarin oils and chromotherapy, topped off with a relaxing Volcanic Hot Stone massage, revitalizing body and mind.

      Duration: 100 minutes

    • Body detox beginning with a body scrub, followed by lymphatic drainage hydromassage with chromotherapy, finishing with the perfect combination of nature and well-being, an organic bamboo fragrance oil.

      Duration: 100 minutes

    • A dive in sensations, beginning with body scrub, followed by an aromatic hydro-massage with blend of Sweet Orange, Damascus Rose and Cedarwood essential oils with chromotherapy, finishing with a Tranquillity Massage, fostering a deep feeling of well-being during the day and a good night's rest.

      Duration: 100 minutes

    • Horizontal rain bar, which includes adjustable shower heads positioned to relax all chakras, including exfoliation with marine salts and body massage.

      Duration: 30 minutes

  • Body Rituals

    • A perfect combination for tension and muscle pain relief, including body gel peel, heating back mud wrap and deep tissue massage, topped with an express facial.


      Duration: 90 minutes

    • Body treatment with relaxing scrub that does not leave the skin dry, with fruit extracts and silica and jojoba microspheres, followed by a body mask wrap with organic tamanu oil and green walnut extract, finishing with nourishing fragrance body cream to reverse skin ageing.

      Duration: 80 minutes

    • For preventing or treating cellulite with a localized peeling gel, laminaria and fucus thermal mud with mandarin, orange and peppermint essential oils applied to the treatment area, finishing with anti-cellulite cream with escin and caffeine, best suited for skin-toning massage.

      Duration: 50 minutes

    • Scrub with high-silica rhyolite volcanic lava, followed by moisturising body cream with Jojoba Oil, Illipe and Babassu Butter.

      Duration: 30 minutes

  • Holistic Therapies

    • Holistic therapy that seeks to harmonize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields. The energy centers in our body command integrated health in us. We generate the stability of the Chakras through Reiki and maximize fullness of the human being.

      Duration: 50 minutes

    • Manual therapy that consists of manipulating the foot, with specific pressure applied to certain areas/points of the foot and thus stimulates the body's self-healing process.

      Duration: 40 minutes

    • Exclusive ritual with Traditional Tibetan Bowls, extraordinarily involving for the rediscovery of the harmony of your body, mind and soul, bringing many benefits, such as: deep rebalancing, minimizes difficulty sleeping, promotes vitality and helps reduce anxiety.

      Duration: 50 minutes


    • Includes the Acqua Sensations Circuit (90 min) + Localized Massage (25 min.)*

      * Valid for all group members

      (minimum 8 people)

    • Includes the Acqua Sensations Circuit (90 min) + Complementary Tranquility Massage** + Mini-facial (50 min)**

      *For all group members

      **For one member of the group

      (minimum 8 people)

  • Face Rituals

    • Duration: 25 or 60 minutes

    • Duration: 25 or 60 minutes

    • Duration: 25 or 60 minutes

    • Duration: 25 or 60 minutes

  • Hand & Foot Rituals

    • (Scrub, Nourishing Mask and Hydration)

      Duration: 30 minutes

    • (Scrub, Nourishing Mask and Hydration)

      Duration: 40 minutes

Book a treatment

This request is subject to availability and the reservation is only valid after our confirmation to your email. For more information please contact us by phone +351 226 086 797 or email portopalaciospa@editoryhotels.pt 

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From Monday to Sunday - Including Holidays
From 10am to 8pm
Subject to change on festive days.


December 24th: 10am – 3:30pm
December 25th: Closed

December 31st: 10am – 7pm
January 1st: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm


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