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Funded Projects

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Project Designation | Santa Apolónia Hotel

Project Code | Lisboa-01-0249-FEDER-070634

Main Objective | OT1 – Strengthen Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Intervention Region | Lisboa

Beneficiary Entity | 2nd Room – Exploração Hoteleira, S.A.


Approval Date | 13/04/2021

Start Date| 13/07/2020

Date of the Conclusion | 04/06/2022

Total Eligible Cost | 2.125.250,20 euros

European Union Financial Support | 196.080,00 euros, via FEDER

National/Regional Public Financial Support | N.A.


This project aims to build a 5 star Hotel, which combines technology adapted to hospitality to the history of the Santa Apolónia Station building in Lisbon, based on a concept of a charming Design Hotel that provides flexible service and 100% available for comfort of the customer.

The activities to be developed within the scope of the project consist of the adaptation and refurbishment work of the Santa Apolónia Station building into a 5-star hotel, with a luxury Design Hotel concept with 126 rooms and located in the center of Lisbon, a leading European destination.

The Santa Apolónia Hotel aims to position itself in the market as a hotel with a unique concept and privileged location, completing the building's history and Portuguese culture with the modernity of a disruptive and innovative hotel service. This strategy is based on the added value of the final tourist product, associated with the sophistication and versatility of the development, related to design, historical and cultural heritage and a close relationship to entrepreneurship and innovation.